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We Both Live to Dye and Dye Live and in Person

A long day's work that went late into the done

First Clurgon, a piece whose central theme (and the wooden form used to make it) has inspired a lot of work by Craig – he loves the thing (see bigger versions of these side images on your computer screen by narrowing the width of your browser window)

Live Dye – Gallery 5

Our Vibrant Dye Discharge Tie-Dyes

Welcome to our Gallery pages, where you'll see our past and present work on display, and where you can pick a design for your own unique Live Dye piece. This fifth gallery consists of our vibrant, deep, and intricate dye discharge tie-dye designs, where we use a nine-step, two day process to create pieces of unparalleled depth and complexity. We start with an undyed base, and apply three fiber-reactive dye steps, a discharge step, and a final vat dye. No one else on the planet makes their tie-dyes this way – and it shows. Enjoy the work, and use these ideas as a starting point for us to make you a personal work of art. Please visit our New Tees and New Dresses pages to see our new work, and a few of our dye discharge tie-dyes are still available through our BIG Sale!

Please realize that this is copyrighted work, and that we expect to make our living from producing these pieces. We hope you'll respect this and act accordingly.

Click on any image for a larger version courtesy of Lightbox 2.

Down the Chute thumbnail image

Down the Chute

Fireworks Wrappers thumbnail image

Fireworks Wrappers

Alien Necklace thumbnail image

Alien Necklace

Clustered thumbnail image


First Clurgon thumbnail image

First Clurgon

Dischord thumbnail image


Emerging Mortality thumbnail image

Emerging Mortality

Ice Cascade thumbnail image

Ice Cascade

Inevitability thumbnail image


Chimes thumbnail image


Drumbeat thumbnail image


Electronic thumbnail image


Emergence thumbnail image


Thunderclap thumbnail image


Jungle Sky thumbnail image

Jungle Sky

Trailing Fire thumbnail image

Trailing Fire

Sky Caterpillar thumbnail image

Sky Caterpillar

Fireworks thumbnail image