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We Both Live to Dye and Dye Live and in Person

My son Craig at work in the dyeshop

Ghost World Afire, a striking Discharge Vat Dye Tie-Dye design (see bigger versions of these side images on your computer screen by narrowing the width of your browser window)

Live Dye – Gallery 4

Our Amazing Discharge Vat Dye Tie-Dyes

Welcome to our Gallery pages, where you'll see our past and present work on display, and where you can pick a design for your own unique Live Dye piece. This third gallery consists of our recent, amazing discharge vat dye tie-dye designs, where we use both household bleach discharge and vat dyes to give the designs greater depth and more dramatic impact. Since vat dye solution contains thiourea dioxide to reduce the dye, the vat dye will remove any base color and impose its own color, as you can see on the right sleeve of Ghost World Afire (left). We plan a whole series of pieces with minimal bleach or thiox discharge and emphasis on the vat dye over the base color – keep your eye on these galleries for these new pieces! Please visit our New Tees and New Dresses pages to see our new work, and many of our double-discharge vat dye tie-dyes are still available through our BIG Sale!

Please realize that this is copyrighted work, and that we expect to make our living from producing these pieces. We hope you'll respect this and act accordingly.

Click on any image for a larger version courtesy of Lightbox 2.

Sculpture Burning thumbnail image

Sculpture Burning

Emerging Truth thumbnail image

Emerging Truth

Motorcyclist Tattoo thumbnail image

Motorcyclist Tattoo

Ghost World Afire thumbnail image

Ghost World Afire

Cosmic Octahedron thumbnail image

Cosmic Octahedron

Striking Chords thumbnail image

Striking Chords

Block Clovers thumbnail image

Block Clovers

Big Buttons thumbnail image

Big Buttons

Conflagration thumbnail image


Clurgon Cluster thumbnail image

Clurgon Cluster

Celebrate Blades thumbnail image

Celebrate Blades

Doub Sixes thumbnail image

Doub Sixes

Dividing Lines thumbnail image

Dividing Lines

Fire Wheel thumbnail image

Fire Wheel

Lonely Comet thumbnail image

Lonely Comet