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This is Why, an example Simple Discharge Resist tee

This is Why, an example Discharge Resist Tie-Dye (see bigger versions of these side images on your computer screen by narrowing the width of your browser window)

Live Dye – Gallery 1

Distinctive Discharge Resist Tie-Dyes

Welcome to our Gallery pages, where you'll see our past and present work on display, and where you can pick a design for your own unique Live Dye piece. This first gallery consists of discharge resist tie-dyes that use conventional bleach as the discharge agent . I love the simplicity of the designs and the stark contrasts between the black base color and the shades of red or brown revealed by the bleach. Note that the pale yellow-tan-brown spectrum is on the Gildan 2000 shirts (e.g., Simplicity), while the pale yellow-pink-red spectrum is on the Hanes Nano shirts (e.g., Strata). Blacks differ greatly in their response to discharge, and we can tailor your garment to the spectrum you prefer – we've found blacks that have red, brown, green, and blue oriented spectrums. While most of these pieces are on Gildan tees, we can do work on the Hanes tees (and other base garments) as well. Please visit our New Tees and New Dresses pages to see our new work, and many of our discharge resist tie-dyes are still available through our BIG Sale!

Please realize that this is copyrighted work, and that we expect to make our living from producing these pieces. We hope you'll respect this and act accordingly.

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Simplicity thumbnail image


Wise Strength thumbnail image

Wise Strength

Diminishing Returns thumbnail image

Diminishing Returns

Strata thumbnail image


Sword Necklace thumbnail image

Sword Necklace

This Is Why thumbnail image

This Is Why

Belt of Clurgons thumbnail image

Belt of Clurgons

The Seam thumbnail image

The Seam

Explosions in Emptiness thumbnail image

Explosions in Emptiness

Separations thumbnail image


Down thumbnail image


Energy of Breaking Up thumbnail image

Energy of Breaking Up

It Doesnt Hurt thumbnail image

It Doesnt Hurt

Hopskotch thumbnail image


Orbital Forces thumbnail image

Orbital Forces