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Diminishing Returns, an example Simple Discharge Resist design

Diminishing Returns, an example Simple Discharge Resist Tie-Dye (see bigger versions of these side images on your computer screen by narrowing the width of your browser window)

Live Dye – Gallery 2

More Dramatic Discharge Resist Tie-Dyes

Welcome to our Gallery pages, where you'll see our past and present work on display, and where you can pick a design for your own unique Live Dye piece. This second gallery consists of more discharge resist tie-dyes using household bleach, but the first two rows are our test pieces that used household bleach on one end and thiourea dioxide (Thiox) on the other end. Roots and Branches is a Forest Green tee discharged with Thiox on top and bleach on the bottom, as is the Royal Blue Blue Blazes. They Are Here is on a Red tee, Monoliths in the Sun on Gold, and Bravery is on Black, and all these tees were discharged with bleach on the top and Thiox on the bottom. Ur-quann Emerges is a Black tee discharged with strong Thiox alone. You can see the variety of responses of the dyes to discharge (especially in our Discharge Gallery) – we're still experimenting and playing with these commercially-dyed pieces, and we're eager to meet your specific needs with custom work. Please visit our New Tees and New Dresses pages to see our new work, and many of our discharge resist tie-dyes are still available through our BIG Sale!

Please realize that this is copyrighted work, and that we expect to make our living from producing these pieces. We hope you'll respect this and act accordingly.

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Roots and Branches thumbnail image

Roots and Branches

They Are Here thumbnail image

They Are Here

Monoliths in the Sun thumbnail image

Monoliths in the Sun

Blue Blazes thumbnail image

Blue Blazes

Bravery thumbnail image


Ur-quann Emerges thumbnail image

Ur-quann Emerges

Fire Tracks thumbnail image

Fire Tracks

Crossroads thumbnail image


Go Up thumbnail image

Go Up

Its Like Sadness thumbnail image

Its Like Sadness

Magnetism thumbnail image


Bold Strokes thumbnail image

Bold Strokes

Determination in Serenity thumbnail image

Determination in Serenity

Squorls thumbnail image


Meander thumbnail image