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We Both Live to Dye and Dye Live and in Person



I'm tired of staring at my old stock, help me clear the decks for action! Half price applies to everything on Live Dye, including sale items.

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R squared posing in Captain My Captain

R2 posing in Captain My Captain

Live Dye – Big BIG Sale!

The Mediums – all items on this page are size M

It's time to have our inaugural Going Into Business Clearance Sale! All the work we've done since we started business HAS TO GO! It's starting to clutter up the place, and our creative energies are being stifled by all the previous creative energy that's solidified in our pieces! HELP US!

We're selling it all for one price: $25. Except Infant and Toddler tees for $10. Also except that we're selling it for less – if you buy more. 10% off for two, 15% off for three, 20% off for four, and 25% off for five or more. Buy more, pay less! Well, pay more, but save more. More importantly, get more Live Dyes!

This opportunity will never come your way again! Even if we do clutter up our racks with new work, you'll never ever again get the first work. Imagine getting a da Vinci or Picasso or Van Gogh when they first put brush to canvas. That's exactly what you're getting here: the first brushstrokes of soon-to-be famous artists. BUY TODAY! BUY A LOT!

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We slashed the prices on all of our adult shirts from $25 to $20, and on Infant and Toddler tees from $10 to $8. We can't go much lower without making our Going Into Business sale into a Going OUT of Business sale! Get one quick, they'll sell fast!

BIG DISCOUNTS! Buy two, save 10%. Three, and save 15%. Four, save 20%. And buy five or more items and save 25%! It's the Going Into Business Clearance – Everything MUST GO!

Sold? Not in your size? Buy a Custom Live Dye!

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Charlie Brown

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Conflict Resolved

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Dark of Heartness

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Lightning Passage

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Two Suns

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Belt of Clurgons

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Diminishing Returns

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Energy of Breaking Up thumbnail image

Energy of Breaking Up

Explosions in Emptiness thumbnail image

Explosions in Emptiness

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